About US

Who we are

        Vilka Chess Club is a non- profit organization and first of its kind in Tajikistan, that is commited to exploring different coaching formats to coach chess to children with different types of disabilities.

         Vilka is a Russian term for a  very special powerful move in chess. In English it is called fork. A knight is in such a position where it simultaneously attacks the king and queen. A knight is weaker than the king and queen. It moves only L shape and therefore it is limited, whereas the king and  queen can move in any direction, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. For us a knight symbolizes a persons with disabilities, with limitations, but if empowered and put in the right position, they can be game changers. We want to use chess as a tool for transformation to integrate children with disabilities into the mainstream and we believe that chess can contribute to a more open and equal society. 

Meet the Team

The organization is committed to exploring different coaching formats as well as providing necessary infrastructure to integrate children with different types of disabilities into the gaming world of chess.